Predators  kraai

The first question is often: ďDo the neighbourhood cats or magpies and crows give problems?Ē Certainly, in my neighbourhood there are magpies and crows and I regularly see them in the garden, however, they havenít made a single victim yet. This can be largely explained by the change in behaviour of the lizards when they are released in the garden. With every sudden movement they bolt, also when suddenly a bird passes over or lands in their vicinity. I sometimes have herons in the garden, but so far they havenít taken any animals. The cats were a danger in the beginning. Because of this I have tied electric wire a few centimetres above the fence and wall (see picture) and I havenít seen a cat ever since. In short, itís a good solution I can recommend everybody (also see Lacerta 49: 149-150).

The last few years I have caught mice in the garden with a mouse trap. Keep in mind that when you set mouse traps your lizards or other garden dwellers donít run any risk! Shrews could be dangerous for our animals during hibernation. I havenít had that experience though.

Because the fence is nearly a meter deep into the ground, moles also canít get into my garden.